Cedric The Shark



Kay Carter













Have you ever had a bad toothache? Cedric the Shark learns in this delightful book that too many sweets are bad for him.

One day, Cedric decides that although he likes eating fish, he wants to eat candy/sweets instead. Not just one or two – oh no, he stuffs his face with sweets, lollies and toffees. So much that he ends up with a serious toothache and doesn’t know what to do. Billy the Sealion tells him he must go to see Octopus Mary – will she be able to help him?

The book is written in rhyme and tells the story efficiently although sometimes at the expense of the rhyme. The rhythm is not always consistent, and some pages do not rhyme at all which is disappointing after making so much effort on the other pages.

The book teaches children about brushing teeth and not eating too many sweets and the illustrations are amazing. Does it make me want to brush my teeth more or eat less sweets – nope, but it does make me want to read another book in Cedric the Shark series to discover further adventures with Cedric.

I give this book a rating of 4 stars.