Olly Octopus Shares A Smile




Ann Graves






Dive into the underwater world of Olly the Octopus and you will be sucked in with his tickly tentacles. Ann’s spectacular illustrations brings Olly and his friends to life with such vibrancy and personality that are irresistible. Her use of poetic descriptive language floats off the page as we learn about mischievous Olly who loves to tickle all his friends. It is reminiscent of Mr Tickle from the Mr Men, but Ann has written this in such a beautiful and original way, that it is a delight to read and look at. I wish I could swim under the ocean and Olly can tickle me anytime although my feathers would get all wet.


Olly Octopus and his cheeky tickles is awarded five stars and I look forward to reading many more wonderful books my Ann Graves in the future.