By Trunky The Tree

150 Words






“Grandma! There’s hundreds of one-eyed jelly monsters in your pond.”

Grandma laughed. “That’s frogspawn.”

“But where are the frogs?” Bobby asked.

“You’ll have to wait till you come back.”

Three weeks later Bobby visited Grandma, desperate to see the pond monsters.

“Grandma! Hundreds of little wiggly black things in the pond must have eaten the one-eyed jelly monsters!”

“They’re tadpoles.” Grandma smiled.

“But where are the frogs?” Bobby asked.

“You’ll have to wait.”

Bobby watched the wiggling creatures swim around the pond until it was home time.

His next visit to Grandma couldn’t come quick enough.

“I don’t like waiting.”

Finally, the day arrived.

“Grandma! The wiggly things aren’t wiggly anymore. They’ve got little legs and they’re jumping about!”

“They’re froglets.”

Bobby looked at Grandma. “But what about the one-eyed jelly monsters and the wiggly things? And where are the frogs?”

Grandma hugged Bobby. “They are the frogs – baby frogs.”