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Hi friends,

If this is your first time then I offer you the branch of friendship and hope that you will enjoy my blog and I make no apology for any tree related puns.

Today, as the title suggests from small things, great things can happen. Sometimes, you may feel small, insignificant and think that nothing you do will make a difference but if we all felt like that then change would never happen. Nobody would do anything because without others behind you and supporting you, you are just a voice in the wilderness.

This reminds me of the famous quote by Bishop John Berkley,

"If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?"

As a tree, I find this such a ridiculous notion that anyone could believe that a tree falling wouldn't make a sound just because there is nobody to hear it or witness it. Trees are living entities and obviously if they fall, even from natural causes, they will disrupt the surrounding area. Habitats destroyed, and other trees, wildlife or plant-life damaged in the wake of the tree falling.

Talking about trees being damaged, Lydia went for a walk to Ashdown Forest this week. If you didn't know, it's the site of 100 acre wood where Winnie the Pooh and all his friends was written by A A Milne. She noticed while she was having her lunch in Pooh's Thinking Spot, by the six pine trees as shown on the map (although there are more than six) that there was no bird song. In fact, as she studied the surrounding area there was barely a bird in sight.

She'd been there the first week of Covid 19 Lockdown and not again until last week. Then, she remembered there'd been a fire in April. Once she explored the forest further, it was evident to see from this picture the damage the fire had caused. The blackened trees against the skyline, although atmospheric and haunting, had lost valuable habitats for wildlife and insects. The birds had flown the nest literally, in desperation to find new food sources and new homes. At a time when the whole world was in lockdown in their homes, birds and creatures were frantically searching for safety. Gradually, nature will return but it will take a long time for the forest to recover from its ordeal.

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk to you about is a little leak. This leak had been ongoing at at nearby house and nobody wanted to take responsibility for it. Lydia had contacted the Housing Association and they replied that she couldn't ask for a repair as she wasn't the tenant of the property in question. So, she immediately left a note at the property informing them of the leak and that they needed to contact the Housing Association so that it could be fixed. Lydia waited for a week, everyday watching the water pour from the leak as can be seen in the video below.

It soon became apparent that nobody was coming out to fix it but Lydia didn't want to ignore the water wastage as it could go on for months indefinitely if it wasn't fixed. It seemed like it was only a washer that needed replacing but nobody came. You can see in the video the poor little tree getting 24 hour watering. It wasn't fair on the fir.

Next Lydia contacted the Housing Association on Twitter and also the local water board, showing them the video so they were aware of the leak. The Housing Association said thank you for letting them know and would contact the tenant and the water board said there was nothing they could do other than measure the water after the event to see how much water was wasted.

Anyway, weeks went by and the leak continued. Lydia even wrote a song about it with Owlbert playing his ukulele and she tweeted once a week to remind the Housing Association that the leak was still going on and thinking that public humiliation would encourage them to fix it quicker. Much to Owlbert's disappointment, he didn't become a global sensation but there's still time, so I shall post his song here, but it can also be found on the songs page under Twigs.

Then finally after 11 weeks, Lydia looked out of the window and saw the leak was gone. The fir tree's shower had stopped and the water was no longer pouring constantly onto the ground below. Although Lydia was never given credit for saving the fir tree, I personally want to thank her. Without her believing she could stop the leak and not give up until it stopped, it would still be drowning the poor tree. I would also like to thank anyone else reading this post who was instrumental in retweeting Lydia's tweets.

So yes, one person can make a difference as this story shows.

We all have personal battles, things that we need to fight for as well as national or global ones and although we probably cannot change the world on our own, we can make a difference. From small acorns, mighty oaks grow. Let's be might oaks - well I'm already one anyway!

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