Seasonal Changes

Hi friends and thank you for taking time to read my new post. I'm quite excited about this one because it's all about me😉 although saying that, most of my posts are about me as I'm writing them.😂 You'll also notice that I have discovered I can add emojis to my writing and I love 💖emojis but I'll try not to over do it.

We all have to accept change whether we like it or not, but it makes a difference if we have instigated it ourselves or had change thrust upon us without any choice.

So here's the bit about me...

I originally began life as an interactive wall hanging that Lydia created for her son, M's, nursery! Yes, I know that surprised you - but here is the evidence.

I had different textures, singing birds, chew toys, story books, bells, a hidden squirrel in the pouch and a squeaky nose all with the aim of amusing M while he had his nappy changed. I could only find this one photo looking so smart as once M arrived there were more priorities than looking at me and taking photos. And of course, like the leaves on a real tree, gradually all my pretty additions disappeared in time.

This is how I look today and as you can see, apart from my squeaky nose, very little remains and yet I am still loved and noticed on the wall but currently I have M's bed in front of me and I watch him and look after him as he sleeps.

I know that I won't last forever in M's room, but I am content to be there albeit less shiny and interactive for as long as he wants me. Lydia recently suggested that it was time to take me off the wall and M said, 'No!' So it looks like I'll be hanging around for a bit longer,😀 and in the meantime, maybe Lydia will eventually finish writing her stories about me too - but I'll tell you more about that in another post.

But, I can't make this post all about me because that would just be greedy so I'd like to introduce you to another amazing tree. Okay, no it's not an all-singing, dancing, talking, writing tree like me so maybe amazing is not the right word, but this tree has certainly struggled the elements for survival. Lydia said it was the most fascinating tree she's ever seen so I sulked for several days about that, but now that I have studied the photos I agree with her. Please meet Assymetree 🙃

Hopefully you can see from the pictures, the poor tree has come out of the ground and is now lying on its side. This is where trees and in fact all plants are so incredible and adaptable. Instead of giving up and withering away, it has anchored itself into the ground using the branches to make new roots. It is stronger than it has ever been before and will hopefully live for many more years in this position.

It's a similar process when making a soft cutting from a plant. You plant the stem into the potting compost and the DNA structure of the cell changes from a stem cell into a root cell and roots develop from the stem, forming a new plant. Nature is awesome if you take the time to study and learn as it has so much to teach us. If trees and plants can go through such major upheavals with resilience and tenacity, then we must learn to do the same.

We can fight changes or we can accept changes. Some maybe temporary and others maybe permanent but will we become resourceful, tenacious and unyielding, or will we shrivel and resign ourselves and let changes destroy us?

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