Something Out Of Nothing

Hi friends,

It's Trunky here, and I'll be writing the blog posts from now on, so sit back and enjoy.

If you hadn't already guessed, my name comes from a character that my author, Lydia has created. I won't tell you anymore at the moment, or she might chop me up into firewood.

The reason for sharing that is that a year ago, or even six months ago, only a handful of people had heard of Trunky the Tree. Lydia had previously paid for the domain name a few years back, but never did anything with it to make me known, so I shriveled away like an autumn leaf until it was time to return my name.

In the meantime, Lydia continued writing my story with me in total anonymity. At one point she had the audacity to change my name fortunately, she came to her senses and continued to call me Trunky which I was very relieved about. In fact, she ended up making my name into an acronym for the story in a very pivotal part, so there's no way I'm going to lose my name again now.

So how did I get my own website again I hear you ask? Or more to the point, why? To be honest, I'm as surprised as you at this turn of events. I could have hedged my bets, except I'm a tree, that I wouldn't be here now, writing this and yet here I am - me, Trunky the Tree. Many of you reading this will have probably come from Twitter because that is where my main fan base currently resides. Actually, I confess this social media networking is a scary business. Lydia had previously signed up to Twitter three years ago, but didn't understand why nobody would talk to her and left again.

Then, in February, Lydia missed out on a mentorship for picture book writing and noticed that the two people chosen both had Twitter profiles. It was time she started building her writer's platform as author's often talked about. This time, she read a book about how to use Twitter and discovered the amazing world of the #WritingCommunity. After a couple of days of tweeting to herself she had a couple of followers and she followed them until a few more appeared.

Then one day, Lydia decided that she would stop being Lydia and instead called herself Trunky the Tree and suddenly I was an internet sensation. Okay, I exaggerate, I was not an overnight success but I'm definitely growing and spreading my branches. At the time of writing this blog I have just over 3000 followers which may not be a lot in the terms of millions of people but it's 3000 more than I've ever had before.

Owlbert, the owl - if you couldn't have guessed has also made an appearance and is busy reading and reviewing books for his pages and hopefully in the future will be interviewing authors about their books and anything else that he wants to talk about with them but again it takes time to establish himself as a bookblogger which he has suddenly become. Although, you can also catch him playing the ukulele on the songs page, but he needs a bit more practice.

So the purpose of this blog post is to encourage you, no matter where you are on your journey, that you can make things happen if you believe in yourself. Maybe one day, everybody will have heard of Trunky the Tree, Lydia will be a famous author and Owlbert will be a renowned bookblogger. But until then, we'll all keep plodding away, doing what we do and who knows?

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