Gavin Buckley







Have you ever smelt an elephant? If you have, then they can be pretty stinky. But, have you ever smelt a smellyphant? I bet you haven’t because you’d still be recovering from it! In this delightful story by Gavin Buckley, Samson is such a smelly elephant that he has a knot in his trunk although I’m not sure if that’s to stop him from smelling himself or giving off bad smells and three pegs on his tail, but if he’s that stinky maybe they should be pegging his bottom together instead!

Samson is terrified of water and never washes. Pooey! We’re never told the reason, but it’s no wonder the other elephants don’t want to be with him. Samson sits alone watching all the other elephants splashing in the water and playing games – poor smellyphant.

But one stormy night, Samson helps all the other elephants and at the same time stops being smelly. No longer a smellyphant but a hero as long as he remembers to wash every day from now on.

Smellyphant has a strong rhythmic rhyme and a clever repeating pattern:

“It’s Samson the Smellyphant, a glum little chap

With a knot in his trunk and a pong at the back.”

Each time the repeat comes around, the words change to give it fresh meaning but it continues the repetition and I’m sure children would quickly get the hang of the repeated words and want to read the story over and over again.

The illustrations are incredible and the story shows that anyone can be a hero, even a stinky, smelly elephant. Very memorable and unique story and I give it five stars.