The Awful Truth About The Sushing Prize


Marco Ocram







This book is a laugh a minute, or every forty seconds depending on how quickly you read it. And read it, you must. It literally, or is that literarily, throws away all the rules of authorial presence as the book introduces us to the writer/author Marco Ocram.

From the beginning pages, as the author’s biography explains, we are led to believe that Marco has previously published a book entitled, ‘The Awful Truth About the Herbert Quarry Affair’ which immediately became the fastest selling book of all time. It made him so renowned that it was translated into every language available, an Oscar winning film, play, musical and computer game so everybody, apart from the reader is familiar with the world-famous Marco Ocram.

And so, the first chapter begins with Marco writing the first chapter. Yes, that’s right, he’s the author, the main character and he’s writing the book as he goes along. It sounds like a massive car crash but that comes later, or maybe it doesn’t, depending on whether it fits with the plot or not. It’s reminiscent of the old detective films or the pink panther cartoon when the narrator speaks over the action explaining their thoughts and plans, but this is so much more. This is the writer, writing the plot as the action develops with humour thrown in at every opportunity.

Instead of being the detective, Marco continues as the writer, ‘assisting’ the Clarkesville County Police Department alongside Police Chief Como. Together they discover a murder-mystery plot which Marco with his linguistic skills describes, transcribes, ascribes, proscribes, jibes, bribes, guides, decides, goes in disguise and provides pages of wit and uses his wits to discover the truth of the murderer but not too soon or the book wouldn’t be long enough.


I absolutely loved it and cannot wait to read more books by Marco Ocram and I hope he becomes as renowned as the book implies he already is.

This book is awarded 5 stars – I have never read anything like it before and I will remember it for a long time.