Why do you think fairy lights have that name? Because the fairy at the top of the Christmas tree gives them their power. But, what happens if the fairy at the top of the town Christmas tree doesn't want to stand at the top of the tree? Please enjoy The Contrary Fairy which is my entry for the 10th Annual Holiday Contest organised by Susanna Hill and is about holiday helpers.

The Contrary Fairy


By Lydia Loeber

“Welcome,” the Mayor declared, “to Plumton’s Christmas lights switch on. 3… 2… 1…”


No twinkly, sparkly lights lit up anywhere.                                                       

“Boo-hoo-hoo!” cried a tiny voice from under the tree.

“It’s Plumpton’s fairy!” shrieked Noel.

“What’s wrong?” asked Angelica

“I don’t like it up there. It’s too high. The needles are scratchy and it smells funny. I want to stay down here with Christmas Ted,” Fairy sobbed.

“Please fairy, you must go back up the tree or the magical fairy lights won’t work and the whole town will be sad,” said Stella.

“But it’s scary. What if I fall off?”

“We can tie this pretty ribbon around you.” Anglelica showed fairy the glittery ribbon.

“But the needles hurt my legs.”

“We can make a cushion using this felt star.” Noel held up a yellow star.

“But it smells funny.”

“We can move those orange slices and cinnamon sticks nearer.” Stella pointed.

“But it’s lonely up there and I like being down here with Christmas Ted.”

“You can hug Christmas Ted up there and then you’ll never be lonely again.” Angelica suggested.

“But… but nobody will see me.”

“Everybody will see you,” Noel chuckled. “If you’re at the top of the tree, then the whole town will know that you’re lighting all the Christmas lights and we will smile and wave at you every day.”

The children helped fairy back to the top of the tree and as if by magic, all the town’s twinkly, sparkly fairy lights lit up.

249 words.